The BringITOn Competition is a 6-month competition aimed at encouraging High School-aged students to explore different facets of Information Technology. The Competition is open to all High School-aged students in the Omaha Metropolitan Area (including Council Bluffs, Iowa).

Throughout the competition, students will be exposed to various topics in Information Technology with the goal of helping teams work towards completing a final project.

The BringITOn Competition is made possible through a generous grant from the Metropolitan Community College Foundation.


Applications now open for 2016-2017 Competition

2016-2017 Competition Info

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Applications due Saturday, October 1, 2016 at 11:59 PM!


At the end of the competition, all submissions will be evaluated by industry professionals. Top teams will be awarded top prizes!


Your team will get the opportunity to work with industry professionals who bring years of experience working in the field of Information Technology to share with you!


Working together as a team, you can compete again classmates and other High School students in the Omaha Metro Area to produce innovative and creative IT solutions for our community.

Mobile Application Development
Develop cutting-edge applications for iOS and Android mobile devices.
Website Development
Develop data-driven, interactive websites.
Audio/Visual Presentations
Develop audio/visual presentations to facilitate training.
Design low-cost networking solutions for non-profits.
Social Media
Design a social media plan for a small business or non-profit.
Use RaspberryPi computers to create a low-cost solution to solve a community need.

"This has to be the single greatest thing I've ever done in my life"

Trae Brown, Participant